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The NEW sueding & brushing machine EASYBRUSH
"UNICA" can use abrasive brushes or sueding rollers
covered with emery, paper or diamond. The machine can be use in combination giving special range of different effects
Brushes or sueding rollers which rotate at a variable speed lets to obtain excellent sueding results
both on knitted and on woven fabrics.
This machine is characterised by its high sueding efficiency due to a considerable number of contact-points and adjustments.
Right and reverse side of the fabric can be processed on one passage.

Diamond tape are made without any joint, on one entire belt very strong and resistent that can be
reinstalled on the roller many times and every time without damage it.
As on all Caru's machines, the sueding rollers can be made in light weight composite carbon fibre, which are more light and
strong, giving advantage of high rotary speed and assure a perfect stability.

The sueding rollers can be made of light weight composite carbon fiber,
the carbon fiber composite has superior mechanical characteristics;
it has a great ability to decrease vibrations and let's obtain the desired characteristics of strength and resistance.
That give better production performances for the follow undeniable advantages:
" Lower mechanical load;
" Higher rigidity of the rollers;
" Greater longevity of their bearings;
" Higher rotating speed;
" Rollers less prone to bending in case of any fabric smash;
" Easier assembling and removal of the rollers because of their lower weight.
Each sueding roll is provided with a unique and simple system which provides a quick and safe clamping device to fix any kind of emery (diamond, paper, etc.)
(No glue is required to fix any kind of emery on the rolls)
Diamond tapes can be replaced several times on the rolls.

Why choose Carbon fiber?

Carbon is one of the most important elements on earth in that the entire organic, animal and vegetable world is based on the chemistry of its composites. Even though it is only present in low percentages in the earth's crust at approx. 0.03%, carbon, such as fossil carbon and petroleum, constitutes the most important source of fuel and chemical industrial products. The two crystalline forms, called allotropic, with low carbon density (weight/volume), diamond and graphite, have a special crystallographic structure, that at a macroscopic level generates superior properties of resistance to mechanical strains.

The carbon fiber composite has superior mechanical characteristics. It has a great ability to decrease vibrations and by correctly directing the fibers, you obtain at each point the desired characteristics of strength and resistance. The other side of the coin is the extreme specialization and precise fields of use. The carbon fiber composite has a thermal expansion coefficient 50 times less than that of aluminum, therefore a great deal of attention must be paid to joining the aluminum and composites. This all requires a great design effort. The product must be studied in depth in the design stage. Finished elements analysis allows us to map the strains and therefore the correct structuring of the piece. Columbus has provided
in its assembly instruction manuals for the carbon parts, precise instructions to frame makers to avoid errors and problems.


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